Tuesday, December 18, 2007

O2 "Frozen Time"

I recently finished work on two spots for O2 "Frozen Time" set of commercials. In both spots at some point the time was frozen for our heroes to be able to enjoy special moments for longer time. The time freezing effect was established by stoping snowflakes from falling, and by stopping the fireworks burning while camera and our heroes continue their action. To enhance the effect we played with depth of field of camera dramatically and we used various camera movements to further emphasize the effect. I was responsible for all 3D snow in both spots.

Tools: Softimage XSI

Suzuki Grand Vitara "Monster"

I recently finished work on "Suzuki Grand Vitara Leaf Monster" spot. It was very interesting 30 second spot featuring a monster born from autumn leafs, endangering our hero car. Main challenge was to depict the clearly readable monster while keeping dynamic and natural motion of tens of thousands of leafs from which the monster was made of. Additionally to main 3 "monster shots", all other shots were also beefed up with leafs, to help establish dramatic atmosphere. I was responsible for all 3D, 3D track and precompositions.

Tools: PFTrack, Softimage XSI, Foundry Nuke